Water Bikes for Sale

Water bike, also known as hydrocycle, is a bicycle-like human powered watercraft. And like riding bikes, riders paddle the pedals with cranks, which propel waters to gain powers. In addition, as those of bikes, the seating of water bikes can be upright or recumbent. Whatever the styles are, they are specially designed so that riders can comfortably ride their water bikes. Besides, to make sure the water bikes float on waters, the structures of the water bikes are attached to single surfboards or pontoons. If you want to buy water bikes for personal use or commercial use, please feel free to contact Beston group. For we offer various quality water bicycles at reasonable prices. Beston water bikes for sale definitely will satisfy your needs for recreation or success.

Water Bikes for Sale
Beston One Person Water Bikes Manufacturer

Model: PBWB-1A
Size: 370*80*160cm
Weight: 60kg
Load: 100kg
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Classifications of Beston Water Bicycles

In fact, there are many different kinds of water bikes available in Beston, according to different sizes, materials, and styles. However, except for all these, there is a much popular way to classify the water bikes. And that is how many riders the water bikes can hold. In Beston, we offer one person water bikes, two person ones and three person ones. Due to the scientific designs and quality materials, all our water bikes are stable and safe enough for you or your customers to paddle along rivers and lakes. What’s more Beston water bikes can be customized in colors, themes, sizes to meet your specific requirements.

Water Bikes for Sale
Beston Two Person Water Bikes Cheap

Model: PBWB-2A
Size: 316*254*128cm
Weight: 100kg
Load: 300kg
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Cheap Water Bikes for Sale

Beston group is a top manufacturer of paddle boats, water bikes, and water trikes in China with many years of experience. When it comes to the prices, Beston water bikes are much cheaper with quality materials. For one reason quality materials made of water bikes in China are relatively cheaper than other countries. In addition, all of these water bikes are made and assembled in our own factory, which save you much money from agencies. In all, if you want purchase water bikes, you should consider Beston group in China first, for we offer you top quality water bikes with reasonable prices.

Water Bikes for Sale
Beston Quality One Person Water Bikes

Model: PBWB-1B
Size: 220*110*30cm
Weight: 62kg
Load: 180kg
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Benefits of Beston Water Bikes

  1. In summer time, it is so cool to ride water bikes on waters. For the waters can calm you down from the heat. Besides, you can also enjoy the great views along the rivers or lakes. And it is much better that if you can ride together with your beloved ones. How relaxing it is!
  2. Want to exercise a little bit in summer? Water bikes are perfect instrument for you. In fact, paddling on waters will not only keep you active and help build your body, but also can allow enjoy the cool air on waters.
  3. Add rod holders for your water bikes, so you can go fishing! How fun it is!
Water Bikes for Sale
Beston Water Bicycles for Sale Cheap

Model: PBWB-2B
Size: 370*136*160cm
Weight: 70kg
Load: 230kg
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  1. Personal use. In summer, all people want to stay close to cool waters. In addition, Beston water bikes are easy to transport and assemble. So Beston water bikes are best choices for your personal recreations. You can ride your water bikes together with your friends and family members.
  2. Commercial use. Water bikes are very popular in summer time. So it is very wise for you to start your own water bikes businesses. You can start your rental businesses so that your customers can enjoy your water bikes. Or you can resale these wonderful water bikes to your customers.
  3. Many waters available. Beston water bicycles are made of high quality materials and are designed with great care as well as scientific supports. As a result, you can pedal them easily on waters such as rivers and lakes.
water bikes for sale
Beston Popular Water Bikes Supplier

Model: PBWB-3A
Size: 316*326*128cm
Weight: 140kg
Load: 420kg
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Special Features of Beston Water Bicycles for Sale

  1. High quality materials. Beston water bikes are made of top quality materials, such as aluminum, stainless steels, and high density polyethylene. All these make your water bikes rust-free, durable for long time.
  2. Stable and sturdy. Except for the quality materials, Beston water bikes are designed with great care as well as scientific support. So our water bikes are stable to move around.
  3. Responsive steering and paddling systems. With responsive steering, you can turn around easily and freely. As for the paddling systems, they are carefully designed so that you can pedal easily without much efforts.
  4. Comfortable seating. Whether the upright seating or recumbent ones, all are adjustable for riders of different heights. In addition, there are cushions to make the seats comfortable for you.
  5. Easy transport and storage. All of Beston water bikes are light in weights, so they are easy to transport and storage.
  6. Easy to maintain. Beston water bikes are easy to maintain for they do have many complicated parts.

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