Commercial Watercraft for Sale in Canada

Canada is a beautiful place with many water areas. And it is no doubt that people will rush to water areas in summer for cool air as well as fun. Our customers in Canada were shrewd enough to catch the businesses opportunities and started their own mini scale water parks near the shallow sea areas. There are some watercraft to entertain their customers: several single water bikes, some kids hand paddle water boats, inflatable banana shaped boats, and inflatable water floats. All of these products were ordered from Beston, for we offer quality products with reasonable low prices. From the feedback, it is easy to tell that our customers are very satisfied with products and services.

water bikes for sale

Water Bikes for Sale

Water bike, also known as hydrocycle, is a bicycle-like human powered watercraft. And like riding bikes, riders paddle the pedals with cranks, which propel waters to gain powers. In addition, as those of bikes, the seating of water bikes can ...
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Kids Paddle Boats for Sale

Kids Paddle Boats for Sale

Kids paddle boats are specially designed for kids. Usually, children can paddle all by themselves in these kids paddle boats. But sometimes, if the kids are too small, one parent can paddle along with the kids. Due to the small ...
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