Beston Paddle Boats for Sale in Thailand

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A customer in Thailand has purchased several paddle boats for sale in China from Beston company. They bought our duck paddle boats for their lake, which are fairly popular and welcomed for the local tourists. The customer said this duck paddle boat is vary cute and the visitors like it very much. The above … Get Prices Now

Commercial Watercraft for Sale in Canada

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Canada is a beautiful place with many water areas. And it is no doubt that people will rush to water areas in summer for cool air as well as fun. Our customers in Canada were shrewd enough to catch the businesses opportunities and started their own mini scale water parks near the shallow sea … Get Prices Now

Water Bikes for Sale in Hungary

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On 14th January 2018, a customer from Hungary were interested in our water bikes and sent us an inquiry. While at the same time, sales person from Beston quickly and sincerely kept contact with our customer. To meet customer’s needs, our sales person sent quotations including pictures, parameters, pricing, etc. In addition, our sales … Get Prices Now