About Us

Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd is a top manufacturer and supplier of water paddle boats in China. And we specialize in designing and producing water paddle boats, electric paddle boats, electric boats, kids hand paddle boats, single or double water bikes, and water trikes. All our products are designed in scientific ways to make sure riders are safe and comfortable on these watercraft. In addition, all Beston products are made of high quality materials so that they can last long time and be safe to people as well as environment. As for prices, we commit to offer you quality water paddle boats with reasonable cheap prices. For it is our mission to produce high quality products cheap, and the mission also is in the interests of our customers and ourselves.

When it comes to the application, our water paddle boats, water bikes and so on are suitable for many different kinds of usages. For example, you can buy then for personal use, so you can sit in your pedal boats and enjoy the peace time on the water with your family. In additions, these wonderful watercraft also be used for commercial uses. For instance, you can resale them to your own customers, for Beston wholesale paddle boats are cheap. And you definitely can make great money from these investments. What’s more, you can start your own rental businesses, such as renting pedal boats, water bikes beside lakes and rivers. No matter which model you choose, Beston built water paddle boats can meet your needs.

In light of these above advantages, Beston has exported many quality water paddle boats, water bikes and water trikes all around the world, such as Canada, South Africa, and New Zealand, and other countries and regions. So welcome to contacting us for more information.

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